"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." -Confucius

If you have chosen biology as your career field, you’re likely very passionate about science, nature, and the living world around you. Congratulations, your passion will lead you to a biology job that you’ll love!

A career in biology or a related science field will challenge and reward you, but perhaps one of the biggest challenges an aspiring scientist faces is finding a career position. That’s where Jobiology comes in! We’ve designed this simple website to give you a single location to get access to the many places where science and biology related jobs are posted regularly. These are the resources we found most helpful when we were looking to begin our biology careers, so we’re confident they’ll help you too. We love hearing success stories, so if you land a job through our website, let us know!

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Featured Jobs of the Week

Herpetology Keeper (II or III), Zoo Atlanta, Atlanta, GA:
Are reptiles and amphibians your thing? Turn your passion into a career by working as the herps keeper at a major metropolitan zoo with responsibilities for the care and husbandry of the reptile collection. In particular, Zoo Atlanta is looking for someone with demonstrated experience in the care and breeding of crocodilians and venomous snakes. To learn more or apply, visit here.

Research Technician in Fisheries Oceanography, University of Southern Mississippi, Gulf Coast Research Lab:
This is your chance to gain experience in fisheries/marine science by sorting and identification of fish eggs/larvae and plankton samples from the Gulf of Mexico and helping to report findings in a manuscript.  If you've got a degree in biology, marine science, fisheries or other realted field and want to make some connections and gain valuable first hand experience, visit here to apply or learn more.