"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." -Confucius

If you have chosen biology as your career field, you’re likely very passionate about science, nature, and the living world around you. Congratulations, your passion will lead you to a biology job that you’ll love!

A career in biology or a related science field will challenge and reward you, but perhaps one of the biggest challenges an aspiring scientist faces is finding a career position. That’s where Jobiology comes in! We’ve designed this simple website to give you a single location to get access to the many places where science and biology related jobs are posted regularly. These are the resources we found most helpful when we were looking to begin our biology careers, so we’re confident they’ll help you too. We love hearing success stories, so if you land a job through our website, let us know!

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State Jobs

If you're looking for a job with a state agency, this is the place to start. Most states have multiple agencies that employ biologists to manage natural resources, assess environment quality, and work with various constituent groups on challenging issues. Sometimes these state agencies are called "Department of Natural Resources", "Department of Environmental Quality", or "Department of Fish and Game".  Other times you can also find biology jobs with state agencies that you wouldn't normally associate with science, so search broadly. Find the government jobs page for the state you're interested in from the list below.

Alabama                   Missouri

Alaska                      Nebraska

Arizona                     Nevada

Arkansas                  New Hampshire

California                  New Jersey

Colorado                   New Mexico

Connecticut               New York

Delaware                   North Carolina

Florida                       North Dakota

Georgia                     Ohio

Hawaii                       Oklahoma

Idaho                        Oregon

Illinois                       Pennsylvania

Indiana                      Rhode Island

Iowa                         South Carolina

Kansas                     South Dakota

Kentucky                  Tennessee

Louisiana                  Texas

Maine                       Utah

Maryland                   Vermont

Massachusetts           Virginia

Michigan                   Washington

Minnesota                 West Virginia

Mississippi                Wisconsin

Montana                    Wyoming